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About Antoine Davis


A Bit About Antoine

Health and Life Coach, All-Star Athlete, New York City Fashion Model, and Entrepreneur. Antoine Davis is a Health and Life Coach, All-Star Athlete, New York City Fashion Model, and Entrepreneur. He has empowered more than 1000 people from several countries around the world through his 1-on-1 coaching, health coaching programs, clinics, workshops, and talks. For more than 10 years, people have enjoyed the passion, joy, and transformational power of Antoine's development programs.

Antoine is a decorated athlete in the sports of Ultimate Frisbee:

  • 2 time World Ultimate Club Champion (2018,2022)

  • AUDL Champion (2017)

  • USA Ultimate Club Champion (2017)

  • World Ultimate Club Finals MVP (2018)

  • AUDL All-Star (2018)

  • Breakout Player of the year (2018)

Antoine is a leader with a burning desire to elevate his community.  He has worked with thousands of athletes, entrepreneurs, businesses, and students. He has worked with clients in over 10 different counties. Clients, after working with Antoine, have gone to major weight loss (+50 lbs), increase in muscle mass (+20 lbs), starting Youtube / TikTok Channels, become professional athletes, found their purpose in life and gained / established life long partners.


Antoine is an intellectual and practitioner of mindfulness. Beginning his journey in 2016. Antoine has accumulated over 1000 hours of mediation, travel to monasteries in Thailand, and learned from the minds of (Wayne Dyer, Alan Watts, Tony Robbins, Jay Shetty). His evolving daily practice of mediation and mindfulness is the foundation on which he helps his community find what they are seeking.


Antoine has immersed himself in self-development. He has read well over 400 books on self-development, spirituality, health, longevity, nutrition, business, philosophy, and relationships. Antoine has invested well over $40,000 in his own education, life coach and development and strives every day to gain to be 1% better than the day before.

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