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The Power of Commitment

As the New Year kicks in, resolutions flood our minds. However, by February, over half of these aspirations fall by the wayside. I shudder to think about the numbers come spring.

The key to lasting change lies in commitment—the force that distinguishes mere goals from transformative journeys. What sets a committed individual apart? It's the story behind the goal—the profound shift in identity that occurs. True commitment arises when one confronts the rock bottom of old habits, boldly marking a path towards new, empowering behaviors.

Commitment vs. Goal: The Crucial Difference The story’s intensity determines the commitment's strength. Consider the pain and pleasure associated with your goal.

What unfolds if the change doesn't happen? Envision the repercussions of sustaining detrimental habits for 1, 5, or 10 years. Who does it impact, and where does your life end up? How will you feel on your deathbed about the choice not taken? Embrace the discomfort; make the pain significant.

It becomes the driving force propelling you away from an undesirable self and toward the person you aspire to be. The Pleasure of Commitment Conversely, envision the pleasure awaiting you with the positive change. What unfolds if you persist in this choice for 1, 5, or 10 years? Consider the ripple effect on those around you. Envision the destination of your life and the satisfaction felt on your deathbed about the choice made. In 2024, I declare my commitment: to become the best frisbee player, coach, partner, son, brother, and friend globally. Witness this commitment in every facet of my life. There's room for multiple "bests" in any area you commit to. Remember, failure to commit is the high cost of low living.

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