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Here are just some of the examples of the clients I have worked with:


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Founder of XR Capital,
Social Media Influencer

I've been having weekly sessions with Antoine for about four months now. Honestly, it cannot speak highly enough how impactful this life coaching has been for me. I was someone who didn't know a lot about life coaching or what to expect. But after my initial consultation, it was very evident that this was something that could definitely help me because I was in a very turbulent spot at the time. I'm becoming a lot more aware of what I personally value and want to achieve.


Manager of Customer Success at Performance Coach at OrderGrid, GamePoint Performance

Antoine has been my life coach for about a year now. I can't say enough about Antoine. He's a great listener and a great soundboard. He helps me through challenges in my professional and sports careers. I've talked to him about everything from finances to relationships. We come up with action plans, and having Antoine behind me on my team helps me be a better person.

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Head of Operations at The Great Divide Campground, Athlete

If I had to advise new clients or members other than being consistent and asking me a ton of questions, I would say that if you're serious about pursuing performance and nutritional wellness goals to the fullest extent that you can. There's no better track to get there than under the guidance of somebody who's a proven expert in attaining those results. 



Research Scientist, Google

I been with Antoine for about six years. At the time, I needed someone who would just get me in the gym. I had tried those bodyweight workout apps, but deep down. I knew I wouldn't meet my goals without just going to a gym. But I didn't know the first thing about working out. And I needed to be more confident that I could train safely in on my own. So Antoine, great coach, super friendly, and very proactive and helping

you achieve your goals.

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I work with Antoine doing a workshop organized for a club team called Callahans based in India. Antoine's workshop really helped me on consistency and focus especially this techniques and ideology made a world of difference for me and our teammates.

Now I have a solid pre game routine that keeps me very calm under pressure and helps me stay in the zone no matter how tough the gamers and how tough the opponents are. What sets Antoine apart is his approach. He's always there to answer your questions and offer support.


I initially came to Antoine because I was experiencing a lot of huge transitions in my life. I had just graduated college, I was moving to a new city in a new country, I was starting a new job and I decided that I wanted to become super dedicated and committed to becoming a better Ultimate Frisbee player.

The challenges I was facing at the time with regards to Ultimate Frisbee were in relation to self-confidence on the field but also off the field, figuring out how to fuel myself, how to work out, how to go to the gym, what to eat, just a lot of really big basic questions.

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I'm from Poland. I'm 21 and I have seven years of experience in Ultima. I had the pleasure of working with Antoine in his Mindset Transformation program for the past three weeks. The main issues that I've been facing was second guessing my decisions on the field, losing a lot of fun of the game, being stressed because of that, and the other thing was being scared of failure. I describe the work and the whole process to someone facing similar challenges. You are becoming more confident by becoming more self -aware in this program. Antoine is there to help you and to lead you a little bit but by finding the solutions kind of by yourself you are building your character and this is what it is all about. Taking part in this program inspired me to dig deeper into creating the mindset I want.


I had a 3 session coaching with Antoine Davis for me I think coming out of it I'm way more confident in my ability especially in ultimate I got put with some tools and we talked three weeks in a row right so I could try stuff out of practice and I would try it out and then we would talk about it next time and I think that really helped me gave me a lot of tools to improve in my own game and how I look at things so this is super personal way of coaching and it's not like he's telling you to do this and do this or it's most mostly like what do you wanna try do you think this will work and then he gives input on his own side of it and what he's done so definitely recommend it.

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I been with Antoine for about six years. At the time, I needed someone who would just get me in the gym. I had tried those bodyweight workout apps, but deep down. I knew I wouldn't meet my goals without just going to a gym. But I didn't know the first thing about working out. And I needed to be more confident that I could train safely in on my own. So Antoine, great coach, super friendly, and very proactive and helping

you achieve your goals.


Before I started coaching with Antoine I was someone struggling with scattered thoughts and I was stressed with no clear direction in life I have many things on my to do list but I wasn't sure how to get started and I was also frustrated with my lack of progress in general a significant moment to me during my coaching journey was when I was pro with questions from Antoine and when I started verbalizing my thoughts and ideas it gradually became clear to me the root and actions that I needed to take to improve I also found attributes in my personality that could hinder and assist with my progress the questions asked were really top provoking I was not expecting some questions and these questions really made me dig deep to find the answers within myself you really help me to understand myself much better 

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I initially signed up for antoines consultations because of too many reasons: the first reason was that I had issues in my conference especially in games with higher stakes and then the second reason was that I was basically way too harsh on myself in game and so that often negatively impacted my performance and often also took the phone out of the game one thing I really really liked about the consultations is that as you go through them you quickly realized that the answer to your problems or questions.


Since Antoine Davis has joined the Atlanta Hustle there's been like a measurable difference in our team culture and performance on the field. Antoine really takes being a professional athlete seriously and I think his example has inspired other players to do that as well I think they wanted to do that naturally but didn't necessarily have the courage the Antoine displays to you know be committed to being you know training on a regular basis training with like really good foundational science behind it and to be somebody who is you know promoting the sport promoting his team.

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Originally started because I had to figure out how to train for a show outside a studio on a gym but eventually we shifted gears and started to find an approach for fitness and nutrition in a way that I can sustain and I think that's been my biggest accomplishment with this program so far.

Learning how to move out of this all or nothing mindset I thought every good athlete should have but instead finding rhythms that not only takes care of my physical health but also my mental and spiritual health and with keeping a regular training schedule and working full time and going through this pandemic my advice for his new clients would be to be open and patient with the process but don't be afraid to question it.

At the end of the day he's there to coach and guide you but he's not the one writing your story.


I play Ultimate Frisbee for a team called Callahans in Chennai. Antoine Davis recently spoke to us about how to get mentally prepared for, for for practises and for games.

And he talked a lot about visualization positive self talk and goal setting, short term and long term goal setting, whether it's practises or matches, whatever it may be, the entire session was really useful to us as a team to kind of put structure and there was a lot of time that he dedicated to the questions that we had, questions about self doubt and, having low confidence and which he kind of broke down and give us a way of how to go about building confidence or go about getting rid explained as to, or overcoming challenges and insecurities to get better at sport.

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I would highly recommend the confidence coaching program within Antwon Davis. He has helped me level up my mental game and gain confidence in myself. I am already very confident and secure as a person and I wasn't sure how much this coaching session would help me at first. Antoine listened to my background, my goals, and my physical training and work I've put in to the sport. When I was working through my history with him, I began to feel the layers peel back, getting to the root of my feelings about my play in the context of my city and my teammates.


I've been working with Antoine as a personal life coach. For the good part of six months or so. I'm a life coach myself and I always heard every great life coach has a life coach and I tried to prove that fallacy wrong but honestly, it has been completely and absolutely transformative, having a person who just, knows how to bring out the best in you. 

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